Smoking Information and Health warnings: Please Read the following Important Information
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Smoking Information

Smoking Information Page.

Smoking Kills - Smoking can cause a slow and painful death

Please Read the following Important Information We at Willy banjo do not think you should smoke anything, least of all anything illegal. But where legal, we do think you should have the right to smoke if you want to.

Treated responsibly, tobacco products are associated with enjoyment and celebration, but it is common knowledge that excessive or inappropriate consumption can cause health and social problems for individuals and society.

As one of the world’s leading online Smoke shops, in using of our smoking products, Willy Banjo wants to be at the forefront of industry efforts to promote responsible smoking. Our approach is based on the following key principles:

* set world-class standards for responsible marketing and innovation
* combat tobacco products misuse, working with others on initiatives to reduce tobacco products harm
* seek to promote a shared understanding of what it means to smoke responsibly."

Know your rights, Fight for your rights, Write to your MP and tell them what you think..

Members of Parliament »

Please, if you do choose to smoke, smoke moderately, not in front of minors or in enclosed spaces.

Eat and drink as naturally and as healthy as you can on your budget,5 day fruit or veg and plenty of water, not the falling down water either.

To look into further ways to moderate or stop altogether please visit:

Smoking Federation »

Go Smoke Free »

Talk To Frank »

Release »

Drug Scope »

Life Line Project »

Smoking Kills

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