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Beer Bongs - Crazy Party Drinking Games - Single - 6 Way BongZilla

Beer Bong Ultimate with valve

Price: £11.99

Beer Bong Ultimate with valve »

Beer Bottle Bong

Price: £4.99

Beer Bottle Bong »

Double Header Beer Bong

Price: £21.99

Double Header Beer Bong »

Beer Bongs - Crazy Party Drinking Games - Single - 6 Way BongZilla

Beer Bongs and Party Drinking Games

Beer Bongs,  Beer Pong and other crazy party drinking games. We have single, double and multi user bongs, Bottle shot bongs, Russian Roulette,viking horns and more. Chug Chug Chug !!!

A Beer Bong is a Funnel that is connected to a tube. Pour Beer into the Funnel. Once the Beer settles into the Funnel and Tube and most of the foam has evaporated, put the Tube into your mouth and gravity will force the beer into your mouth. Open your throat of just chug fast to empty the Funnel and Tube (Beer Bong).

Willy Banjo stock only the finest range. Beer bong, Beer Pong, Retro, banister bongs, Viking beer horns and bottle bongs. Check it out, Cheap to your door.

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