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Killer Bongs. When you have to kill every **** in the room !!

Killer Bong Tower 60cm

Price: £35.00

Killer Bong Tower 60cm »

Lady Killer

Price: £35.00

Lady Killer »

Ripper Clear Cut Killer

Price: £40.00

Ripper Clear Cut Killer »

The Bomb

Price: £25.00

The Bomb »

The Bomb MK2 Killer Bong

Price: £25.00

The Bomb MK2 Killer Bong »

The Mig

Price: £25.00

The Mig »

The Mr Black MK2 Killer Bong

Price: £20.00

The Mr Black MK2 Killer Bong »

Tower 120

Price: £45.00

Tower 120 »

Tower 40

Price: £30.00

Tower 40 »

Killer Bongs. When you have to kill every **** in the room !!

Killer Bongs

In this climate of war you need a killer you can rely on. The AK47 - the Official Peace Keeping Bong.
"AK-47. When you absolutely, positively have to kill every mother f----r in the room..." 

After the killings begin, the forces of law and order and London’s underworld converge in a huge manhunt to track down this Lady Killer.

In 1888 Jack the Ripper was the terror of the Whitechapel area of London, now there comes a new 'Ripper' - Bongs Kill, Killer Bongs

We have Created The Perfect Killing Machine. Now you have to smoke him. Three killer lengths, Tabletop 40, Floor 60, the Pickup T120, the longer the barrel the straighter the aim. 

The Straight Shooter. Bongs Kill! Killer Bongs!

Very much the 'leader' of these four killers, being the most thoughtful and, let's say, sane one. Well, not really... but he stays cool in heated situations.

grinders and cleaning solutions now available.

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