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Brass Gauze 20mm

Brass Gauze 20mm

Brass Gauze 20mm

Brass Guaze Medium 20mm Packet of 5

These Original Gauzes can be used for either Bongs or Pipes, they are also known as filters or pipe screens.

They also come in either brass or steel in varoius sizes from 10mm to 25mm

The standard pipe or bong usually takes the 20mm gauze or pipe screens.

All packs contain 5 screens/filters per pack.

All boxes contain 100 packets of 5.

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Brass Gauze 20mm

20 mm brass Gauze / screens can be used for either Bongs or Pipes, they are also known as filters or pipe screens.

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Price: £0.50

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Brass Gauze 20mm Box

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